Microsoft to Yahoo! Employees – We Want You to Stay

April 30, 2008 | By

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is to ‘Devote $1.5 Billion to Retaining Yahoo Employees.’ WSJ reports that the ‘plan was revealed in court transcripts regarding a suit by shareholders against Yahoo’s directors.’ According to the report Yahoo directors are being sued by shareholders . They ‘feel that Yahoo hasn’t responded in good faith to Microsoft’s bid.’

iStock_000004123693XSmallAnd so continues the ongoing saga of the search engines. For those keeping score at home that puts the Yahoo price anywhere between 45.5 to 47 billion and that really is chump change isn’t it? Is there anyway that that could have a trickle down effect for those of us that advertise on both Microsoft and Yahoo’s ad platform? That brings up a good question, once this takeover is finished with will we have ONE interface at which to edit our campaigns for both MSN & Yahoo? No official word yet.

One thing we do know is Microsoft has it’s check book open and their pen is cocked


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