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Archive for May, 2008

We told you a while back that Google AdWords will be adding a new factor in to the quality score… you can now see your landing page load time score from the Keywords Analysis page of your account.

Here’s How:

  1. Sign in to your Google Adwords account.
    AdWords Log In
  2. Choose a campaign you want to review
  3. Click on the AdGroup you wish to see page load time for


  4. Click on the magnify glass icon next to each keyword


  5. A window will appear and click on Details and recommendations


  6. You will then see your landing page load time score

This landing page load time will start to affect your campaigns in mid-June. 

For more information on how page load time can affect your quality score please visit: 


Annisa Chan

For more information please contact the Search Engine Marketing Team at Schipul –

Free Search Engine Marketing Training Class – May 21, 2008

posted by Jason McElweenie
Friday, May 16, 2008

There is still room open for the Introduction to Search Engine Marketing Class in our Houston office next Wednesday May 21, 2008 at 10 am.

Don’s miss this opportunity to learn how you can increase your search ranking in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Or you may be finding it hard to track traditional advertising and want to start a paid placement campaign but not sure how… no worries, by the end of this training you’ll be able to start your own PPC campaign and decide what keywords work best for your business and web site.

Don’t hesitate and sign up for this Free Search Engine Marketing Class Today!

Directions to our office:

11757 Katy Freeway
Suite 930
Houston, TX 77079
(281) 497-6567




Annisa Chan

For more information please contact the Search Engine Marketing Team at Schipul –

The Google Killer – Powerset

posted by Jason McElweenie
Monday, May 12, 2008

Move over Google Powerset is here. Oh sure its only in test phase but its pretty damn cool.

What is Powerset? Well its a new kind of search engine.

Check out the video below for a quick run-through of its services.

Powerset Demo Video from officialpowerset on Vimeo.

What makes Powerset different? Instead of using keywords to display results it uses technology to understand what a web page is about, giving the user a better chance at finding what he or she is looking for.

Welcome to the world of Semantic Web

Of course this will change the way people search. As for us uber-geeks who deal with search engines every day we will have to rethink our questions we enter to get our results. What I mean is that we have developed various tricks in order to return what we want based on keywords. Soon we’ll be able to enter a question much like was supposed to be back the Ask Jeeves days. Change is good though, I’m always looking for my cheese.

Don’t count Google out though, you don’t get on top by not seeing over the horizon. They did talk about this a couple years back.


Jason McElweenie

For more information please contact the Search Engine Marketing Team at Schipul –

Google Celebrates National Teacher Day

posted by Jason McElweenie
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are you a teacher or know someone that is?

Google is celebrating National Teacher Day by inviting all educators to the Google Teacher Academy at Googleplex in Mountain View, California on June 25, 2008.

What is the Google Teacher Academy?

It is a one day FREE professional development event designed specifically to help K-12 teachers to get the most out of innovative technologies with GoogleCertifiedTeacher hands-on experience with Google’s products.  They will also receive other resources to share with other teachers when they return home.

Those that participate in the program will become Google Certified Teachers.

How to Get In?

50 applicants will be selected to attend based on their online application.

Interested? Find out the requirements and Apply Today deadline is May 28, 2008. 


Annisa Chan

For more information please contact the Search Engine Marketing Team at Schipul –