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Archive for October, 2011

Last month I visited Florida to speak to PRSA Tampa Bay on SEO for PR Professionals. The fantastic team at PRSA Tampa Bay captured video of the event, and two excerpt videos from that presentation are below:

Deciphering Google Analytics Keyword Reports

View Video on YouTube

How to read keyword reports from Google Analytics – what should you do with this information?

  • You should rank well for your brand name – you are the best answer for that search query
  • Look for the non-branded keywords that are bringing traffic
  • Look for surprise words that are sticking, i.e. hot topics, laymen’s terms – use this as inspiration to add new content

What do Search Engines Look for? Reviewing the SEO Hierarchy of Needs

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Bruce Clay's SEO hierarchy of needsI review Bruce Clay’s SEO Hierarchy of needs (graphic at right) and explain each of the steps on the pyramid.

The basic elements Search Engines are looking for:

  1. Search Engines like readable text & fresh, relevant content
  2. The best way to rank for a keyword is to have content about that specific keyword
  3. If a visitor can easily navigate your site, so can a search engine – provide calls to action to tell visitors (and search engines) where to go
  4. Link Building is important, but not a silver bullet. Start with very relevant links such as organizations, partners, clients, etc.

Huge thanks to the great team at PRSA Tampa Bay for posting these videos!

>> View the full presentation on Slideshare

>> View Upcoming Schipul Training & Public Speaking Events

Google Updates AdWords Keyword Research Tool and Introduces New Features

posted by Jennie Lane
Thursday, October 13, 2011

By far the best free keyword research tool around is Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool. If you haven’t noticed already the interface may look a little different. Google has been busy rolling out changes for not only Google Analytics, but now the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the changes you’ll notice:

First, Google says one of the new benefits is the ability to see search data from the original Keyword Tool and the Search-based Keyword Tool.
What you’ll notice immediately  is the new keyword box. It now allows for a keyword search to be performed with a combination of keywords, a URL and  a category.

New Google Keyword Tool Changes

You can also compare your keywords by match type using one or more match types at the same time. For example, I can get both sets of search data for a broad search term and an exact search term at the same time just by checking both boxes under the match types.

Google Keyword Tool Match Types

The change that I’m most excited is the new “starring” capability. This allows you to star keyword ideas, which then saves them while you search for new ideas. Gone are the days of having to download your selected keywords between searches!

Google Keyword Tool Starring Option

In addition, you can now download starred keywords only, all results, all keywords for certain queries or keyword ideas in bulk.

Google Keyword Tool Download Options

Finally,you have the ability to search within terms using the “more like these” option. So you star or select your keyword phrases that you like the best and search within those phrases to find even more related keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Tool More Like These Option

For SEOs these changes will definitely help when conducting keyword research for clients.  We’re excited to see future updates to Google’s keyword research tool!

If you like free SEM tools like the Google Keyword Research Tool, definitely check out Schipul’s SEM tools.

Facebook Ad for SchipulCon

SchipulCon is in full swing! We were thrilled to see Brian Wheelis of Facebook speak Thursday on Facebook Ads. Below are our notes:

On Facebook Fan Pages

Your page represents who you are, similar to an individual’s profile page.  The page is the concert, the ad is the ticket to that concert. That concert may be Kenny Chesney or Lady Gaga – the ticket is the same, but the experience will be completely different. Pages connect people, ads help us reach their friends. When businesses are connected, they win.

On Facebook Engagement Success

“Very little happens on the Facebook platform that wouldn’t happen off the Facebook platform” – Brian Wheelis

Your store experience is not created on Facebook, it’s replicated. Movements are amplified on Facebook, not created.

The more you create compelling content, the more your fans share. Storytelling is key (this has been a theme throughout SchipulCon).

ComScore did a recent study on Facebook Fan Page metrics:

  • People are 50% more likely to buy from brand they are a fan of
  • People are 60% more likely to recommend after becoming a fan

New Facebook Features (This is the Juicy Stuff!)

  • Improved Fan Page Insights will be rolling out in the next few weeks (Brian admitted that Facebook hasn’t done the best job sharing metric data with Fan Page admins)
  • Facebook will be adding the ability to create Ads directly from your Page post. You can take a post that’s been proven effective and push it out as an ad.
  • Open Graph actions – instead of just “Like” you’ll get a button for any verb you want.   Defaults will be: Listened to, Watched, Read. People will be able to add any word with Facebook approval.

The Latest Facebook Update – The Ticker & Timeline

  • Timeline is designed to be a curated representation of you – designed to deliver deeper connections. You decide how much you put on Facebook as a representation of you.
  • 12-18% content on Facebook is seen on newsfeed – ticker is meant to increase visibility and allow you to see more newsfeed content

On Ad Targeting

Ad targeting is the main reason to use Facebook ads over other online advertising. According to Brian, targeting on Facebook is 90% accurate vs. 35% on industry sites – people don’t lie because there are social consequences. Interestingly, as you get more targeted, accuracy improves further.

Tips on Improving Facebook Ad Conversions

  • Ads with friend interaction included has a double CTR.
  • 60% better engagement for Facebook ads if you stick to three lines – the less you say, the better

On Facebook Apps

It’s not a “built it and they will come” situation. There are costs in marketing and promotion.  Consider an app, but don’t feel like you need to create one. If you do, some tips:

  • Focus on people
  • Enable great storytelling
  • Create good experiences
  • Use sponsored Stories

Schipul SEM Team at SchipulConDoes Facebook Increase ROI?

Brian showed case studies on liquor brands, & AMEX Small Business Saturday. He admitted that it’s more difficult for industries like Finance, Pharmaceuticals,etc. where data is more protected.

His tip was to be about something to make it social. i.e. Chase had a Facebook campaign rallying around nonprofits that brought them success.

More SchipulCon!

SchipulCon continues today (Friday 10/7). Photos are posted and will continue to be posted at

Follow along at, or follow the tweets at the hashtag #SchipulCon.

And if you’re here at SchipulCon, come say hi to one of our Schipul SEM team Schipulites!


SchipulCon 2011 – The Web Marketing Conference

posted by Jennie Lane
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SchipulCon is October 6th and 7th and if you haven’t registered yet time is seriously ticking. Don’t miss out on everything geeky and awesome!
The two day conference will be full of amazing speakers flying in from around the country and has three main topics – profit, reach and create.

SchipulCon Web Marketing Conference

Picture yourself here this October 6th and 7th, the Norris Conference Centers at CityCentre in Houston.

For the SEM & SEO Enthusiasts…

Schipul’s fearless SEO leader, Caitlin Kaluza will be speaking at two different sessions:

  • Metrics for the Real WorldA look at the ins and outs of the metrics world and customizing your analytics program and expectations for your business and demographics.

Other speakers include Carter Cole from BrandExtract, the creator of the popular Chrome extension SEO Site Tools. Carter will be speaking about just that – creating Google Chrome extensions! Brian Wheelis from Facebook may also touch on SEO and Facebook.

The Must See SchipulCon Speakers

The list doesn’t end there. Check out all of the SchipulCon speakers and register today. There are even one day tickets for those who can’t make it to both days. If that’s not cool enough, tickets will also be sold at the door!

Just for reading this entire blog entry The SEM Blog would like to offer you a sweet discount off of SchipulCon tickets with this promo code: schipulpal

We look forward to seeing you!