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With Google’s recent Search Plus Your World update, it is now more important than ever to have a highly optimized Google+ page. Since Google now shows social results mixed in with organic results, your Google+ page is extremely crucial in helping you appear in Google.

With the release of Google’s Search Plus Your World update, Google now recommends Google+ pages for specific search queries. When I do a search for the term “web design,” I get these recommended Google+ people and pages:

Search Plus Your World Example

As you can see, Google now recommends Google+ People and Pages related to a specific search term e.g. “web design.”  So, how can you appear as a related person or page for search queries? Well, the first thing you need to do  is fill out your Google+ page and optimize it.

Below are some tips to help you optimize your Google+ page.

Tips on How To Optimize Your Google Plus Page


Be Sure to Select an Optimized Title

The name of your brand or business should be the title of the page but be sure to choose wisely and if relevant include keywords in your title.  For example, the SMX Conference Google+ page, includes “Search Engine Marketing” in their title. See the screenshot below.

SMX Conference Google Plus Title Example

Fill Out Your Meta Description

Google also let’s  you provide a meta description that appears directly below your page title. This is a great place to provide an accurate description of your services. Also, be sure to include keywords in your description so that you can rank better for these terms in Google’s new update, Search Plus Your World.

So for example, SEO Hacker  uses “SEO Hacker is an SEO Services Company in the Philippines that aims to help you learn SEO in Simple. . .” as their description.  Instead of using their tag line, “Be Visible. Get Searched. Let’s Make This Happen,” they decided to use a more keyword rich meta description which will help them better rank in Google+ for SEO and SEO services.

Fill Out the About Section

This section is just as important as filling out your meta description and choosing the right title and it’s a great opportunity to include links to specific pages to your site like a services page or a contact form.

In this section, you should include information that searchers will want to know about your company. Also, Google allows you to use bulleted formatting which is a great way to list your services and products in an easy to read format.

So, be sure to include as much information as possible when filling out this section. A good example of this is from Schipul’s Google+ page:

Schipul's Google Plus Page - About Us


Upload Photos

In the photo section, you have the opportunity to upload photos with keywords. Also, by uploading photos it will help your profile reach completion. Use photos that best feature your company, company culture or services. You can also use images for your photos like the Search Engine Land example below:

Google Plus Photos Example

Also, the photos you add to your Google+ page will appear the new Search Plus Your World’s search results pages  (SERPs)

GooglePlus Photos in SERPS Example


Fill out Your Recommended Links

This section is another great chance to link your services pages, contact forms, etc.  We recommend inserting links that are only relevant to your Google+ page including keywords. Also, be sure to include links to your other social networks, blog, website, contact forms, etc.

Here’s an example from SMX’s Google Plus page:

Google Plus Recommended Links example

Be Active and Update Frequetnly

Finally, you need to become more active and update frequently on your Google+ page. You don’t have to over do it but posting something valuable and relevant to your customers, followers and friends can help you rank better in Search Plus Your World.  Try posting at least twice throughout the week.  By posting regularly, Google will notice your activity and reward you for being active and providing new and fresh content.


Gogle Plus Fresh Content Example


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  1. Very helpful post, havent looked at the Google+ account yet but will do now.


  2. Thank you for this article. This has helped me a lot. I was unsure how the google + page really worked and how it could benefit my business. Now I realise just how important it is.

  3. Great tips. Google+ is such a big gray area so far. Personally I don't know whether to use it like Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter and I guess that's how it's supposed to be…an amalgamation of the best aspects of each of them. Thanks for the useful optimisation tips though.