Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins You Should Be Using

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  1. WP SEO by Yoast

    I will go ahead and say that WP SEO by Yoast is the holy grail of all WordPress SEO plugins. At Schipul, we install this on all WordPress sites. The Yoast plugin makes it super simple to add meta descriptions, title tags and meta keywords to your page or post. One of my favorite features is the “snippet preview” which shows you exactly how your page will appear in the SERPs. There are lots of other features Yoast offers including permalink clean up, RSS enhancements, robots.txt, XML sitemaps and more.

  2. WP Mobile Detector

    Google seems to give more clout to websites that offer mobile versions of their site and I can see this becoming even more important as responsive web design takes over. Mobile users prefer a mobile version of a site so why not give that to them? You can easily make your website mobile ready with the WP Mobile Detector. This plugin will automatically detect the type of device being used to browse the site. It even gives you a variety of compatible mobile themes to choose from.

    WordPress SEO Plugins

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  3. SEO Rank Reporter

    There are many factors that people consider when deciding the success of an SEO campaign. Most of the time it seems that people are mostly concerned with their site’s search engine ranking, which makes sense because many people would rather change their search query to be more specific than click over to page 2 or 3. The SEO Rank Reporter plugin has made it easy for you to keep up with your ranking in the SERPs. Simply type in the keywords you want to track and the URL and voilà! A couple of neat features I must mention — you can customize your date range, track visits and easily export your results into a .CSV.

  4. SEO Smart Links

    Internal linking is great for SEO and helps reduce bounce rate. I strongly advise linking to other blog posts or pages using relevant anchor text. However, this can be a tedious and time consuming task because you have to hunt down the page that is associated with the phrase you are trying to interlink to. SEO Smart Links has decided to make our lives easier by automatically linking keywords and phrases in a post to other corresponding pages, posts, tags or categories. You can even assign nofollow attributes and open links in a new window.

  5. Redirection

    This plugin truly is a must-have. Redirection allows for 404 error monitoring as well as simple 301 redirect setup and management. It is especially useful when migrating from an old page to a new page. Hooray for no more lost traffic!

What are some of your favorite WordPress plugins?

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  1. Great post Jennie! WP SEO from Yoast is a pretty nice bundle of things. My favorite on the list is Redirection. It let's you do regex redirects, so if you ever decide to change your permalink structure, you can add a couple of rules and prevent all your old urls from breaking. Really cool stuff.

  2. Awesome post we have been using 3 out of these 5 you just put us in the know on two more that we can be using.

  3. Nice list you've got there. Most especially the WP Mobile Detector. manage to install that in my site and it works great.

  4. Well I tried using some of the above plugins seems to be great and much useful for the daily SEO routine.
    Thanx a lot for the above blogpost.

  5. i have been using all in one seo pack yhat is also not bad thanks for telling about wp mobile i liked this plugin

  6. Another one here for the all in seo pack, I have installed it on dozens of websites. I do ocassionally try out other plugins from time to time.

    That`s why im on this blog, searching out new plugins and their reviews.

  7. Since i use framework based theme (thesis) i don't need this my theme has all the necessary SEO options that these plugins have. But before using framework based theme i used to use All in One SEO Pack plugin. Those who don't have framework based theme it would be good for them to use yoast seo plugin or All in One SEO Pack :)

  8. I have used all these plugins!!Thank you!!

  9. GREAT !! i have been using all in one seo packnow
    Thanks guy :)

  10. I know they are all very useful in a WordPress blog but I primarily use All in One SEO because it is the main function that I think more useful basically.

  11. The SEO Smart links tool has saved me SO MUCH TIME! I used to spend hours and hours trying to hunt down other relevant keywords in other blog posts, and anchor texts- with the Smart links tool, it does all the work for me! Great tips Jennie- All of us SEO Nerds appreciate the great content you continue to provide us with.

  12. Thomas Strome

    Yoast is the best plugin for WordPress and the next one is the All-in-one-SEO pack. It's easier to optimize a site if all the forms for optimizing your post are located and can be edited right before you publish a post.

  13. I've just started using Yoast, and once I have that down I will definitely look at the others! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Jennie Lane, are you forgot 'all in one seo' plugin? all in one plugin is best for me. 'Redirection' plugin is very awesome. thanks for share your idea. :)

  15. Excellent advice, I needed the redirect plugin! Somehow Google index one of my ranking pages with a misspelled url and the link wasn't redirecting to the corrected page.

  16. Alice Clark

    I've only used two of these SEO plug-ins with my newly opened resell seo job. Thanks for informing me about the other plug-ins that delivers good potential.

  17. steave is powerful on its own, but its functionality can be extended using WordPress plugins. Yoast offers several WordPress plugins built by Joost de Valk to optimize your WordPress SEO, track its performance and tweak the minor usability issues power users sometimes encounter.

  18. Thank you.All these plugins are great :)

  19. Yes, you are correct. These are the best plug-ins which are very useful to look better. These plug-ins really works very well.

  20. SEO Smart Links
    We think Bounce Rate will continue to be an important SEO factor and appreciate your view here.

  21. Thanks for helpful recommendation. To find such constructive tips I'm very delighted. Above mentioned five WordPress SEO plugins are very good and user friendly as well.

  22. magazinpescuit

    Squirrly Seo is a good on-page seo plugin too

    Has even keyword research and inspiration box.

  23. I'm 1/5 so far. I like the SEO smartlinks. Currently I'm using All-in-One SEO, so I'll look into the WP one you suggested to see what's the difference. Thanks!

  24. @ infozone · all in one SEO pack is greate

  25. One of my favorite WordPress plugins is called "FONTS". It enables you to increase the size and to chose your font as you are writing your post or page. It adds a small toolbar and gives you a whole lot of increased functionality. Let's face it, the population is getting older and some of us cannot read the default fonts on many of the WordPress themes (too small). As soon as I started using this, my bounce rate improved. Coincidence?

  26. That is true that we have to do SEO and marketing in site continuously .We can not stop doing that .If we don't market the site for long time the site ranking will change and our competitor site will go up in search. I support that all SEO expert should use these top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins. Thanks…

  27. Which one do you think is the best one: All-in-One SEO or WP SEO by Yoast? Thanks

  28. Thanks for the list! I’m using Redirection and All in One SEO, but I think it’s time to evaluate Yoast’s plugin and see which provides the SEO functionality I need, eliminates the need for other plugins (sitemap creation, for example), and enables new functionality through interaction – e.g. ensuring the site map doesn’t include pages you don’t want indexed. I’ll get to the WP Mobile Detector plugin as well, but Yoast will be first!

  29. I found this SEO Plugin by Squirrly. So far look great and has a seo gamification in it.
    Hope it does a good SEO for my blog.

  30. These are the best plug-ins which are very useful to look better. These plug-ins really works very well.

  31. I've just started using Yoast, and once I have that down I will definitely look at the others! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Tan

    Nice list you've got there. Most especially the WP Mobile Detector. manage to install that in my site and it works great.

  33. Nice article. I have make a shift from All in One Seo to yoast SEO and it feels great now using Yoast SEO gives more options to work with and optimizing the blog accordingly.

  34. I have used Yoast in the past, but have found All In One SEO a great package. Extremely simple to use and up to date with the new Google requirements. I know Yoast is the most popular in the market, but my preference is All In One.
    As far as the other plug ins you mention, SEO smart links, Redirection, SEO Rank Reporter and WP Mobile Detector, they all sound great, but I have one reservation.
    With all the other plugins you need to get the basic website up and running, adding these fancy plugins can add to the total of plugins used and can cause problems with opening times and reliability of the website. I keep my plugins to a minimum (still having to use at least 8) to ensure the customer gets the best service from their site.

  35. +1 for Redirection. Can also be used to shorten referral links on your WordPress site.

  36. GREAT !! I have been using all in one seo.

  37. Rob

    These WordPress SEO plugins are really top class. After getting introduced about these plugins recently I started using WP mobile detector, it's quite helpful to keep up with my mobile based visitors to my site. Thanks.

  38. I honestly just use Yoast. I've never tried the other four before, but I can see why you'd recommend them to help build attention and reputation for a website. Looks like I'll have to try them sometime and see how it goes for me.