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Last Friday, Google announced the release of the Google Analytics Premium. Users now have the option to go premium for an annual flat rate fee, which still has not been disclosed.

What’s included in this premium account?

The premium package includes a number of exciting upgrades and new features including more insights and around the clock support from a Google Analytics expert.

Some of Google Analytics Premium’s new features:

  • 24/7 live support
  • custom training and support
  • lifted data limits
  • attribution modeling
  • more custom variables
  • data collection & reporting guarantees


“Premium is everything you need to give everyone in your business the ability to make better data-driven decisions to move from data to insights to action faster than ever.”

Along with this release, Google reassured current users by stating they will continue to develop and enhance the free version of Google Analytics that we all know and love.

Last month, our rock star Search Engine Marketing Manager, Caitlin Kaluza, gave a webinar on Intermediate Google Analytics. In case you missed it, we are recapping all the great information in today’s blog post. As an added SEM brain candy bonus, we’ve got all the slides from the webinar below.

Key takeaways from the Intermediates Google Analytics webinar:

  • Email notifications are available for any website you are tracking.
  • Goal setting is highly recommended.
  • Learn about funnel and funnel reporting.
  • Learn how to set advanced filters to your Analytics reports.
  • Of all the reports Google Analytics offers you, which metrics should you be caring the most about? Visits, visitors, traffic sources, and conversions.

If you need a quick recap of Google Analytics basics, take a look at this Intro to Google Analytics presentation.

We’ve got a number of fantastic upcoming training webinars that we hope you’ll check out.

Here’s a few of the Schipul webinar events coming up in August:

Be sure to click the link and register for any or all of these great webinars for free!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Schipul events on our calendar and remember SchipulCon 2011, our exciting web marketing conference, is taking place October 6-7 in Houston, TX. Register today!

I had the privilege this morning to speak about Google Analytics to a group for the CultureMap Connect Series – a free monthly series that brings in speakers to talk about Social Media and the web.

I tried to keep the theme not only how to use Analytics, but what to do with the numbers once you get them. In short, how to use Google Analytics to make Business decisions.

Decisions like:

  • “Do we need a mobile site? What about a mobile app?”
  • “Which geographical regions to we need to focus marketing on more?”
  • “Are our Social Media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn driving people to our site? Are those people converting?”

The slides are posted on and embedded below:

Big thanks to CultureMap Social Media Editor and former Schipulite Fayza Elmostehi for inviting me – it was a great group!

The next topic in the series is June 29 on Location-Based Applications – More info available here!

Google Analytics Application Directory

posted by JMO
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Google recently announced their application directory from a Google Analytics blog post. It includes links to online applications, mobile applications, and other add-ons to help you extend Google Analytics. Below are some of the applications we use.

Analytics App and Analytics HD

Available for the iPhone and the iPad, these two apps give you a preview of your data at a moments glance. Both apps allow you to load up multiple Google Accounts so you can track both work and personal sites. The iPhone app is very convenient for tracking on the go, and the iPad version gives you a bigger perspective and is a bit easier to navigate. One of my favorite parts about these apps are the Today and Yesterday reports which can be useful for checking traffic from recent content. The only downside I’ve seen thus far is the iPad version (Analytics HD) seems to be slower to load. This could be the app, or the fact that I monitor over 200 sites. Hopefully this will be improved in a future version.


This WordPress plugin shows your Google Analytics data within the WordPress back end interface. This is probably a great fit for publishers who aren’t interested in all that the web interface offers while still wanting to know basic things like visitor and pageview counts, keywords, and traffic sources. If you run a WordPress blog (like this one) or a WordPress website, this plugin is a great addition.

Link Tagger

Ever wanted to track downloads or external clicks but didn’t know how to do so in Google Analytics? Link Tagger can help with that. This is a javascript script you can download and include on your site pages that will automate the process of attaching the required Analytics code to track outgoing links and downloaded files. It works across all browsers with javascript support, so that should cover all users that analytics can track.


This is a personal favorite of mine. Ego allows you to view stats at a quick glance for Google Analytics as well as Mint tracking and other sites like Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr, Feedburner, Squarespace, and Ember. At a quick glance you can tap through and see your stats for today, yesterday, the week, month, and year. The full iPad app allows you to swipe and load up the full statistics in the middle of the screen. I’ve yet to test that one, but I can attest to the iPhone version.

Be sure to check out the entire Google Analytics Application Gallery to see the other things like phone tracking, reporting tools, and site analytics auditing.