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Last month I visited Florida to speak to PRSA Tampa Bay on SEO for PR Professionals. The fantastic team at PRSA Tampa Bay captured video of the event, and two excerpt videos from that presentation are below:

Deciphering Google Analytics Keyword Reports

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How to read keyword reports from Google Analytics – what should you do with this information?

  • You should rank well for your brand name – you are the best answer for that search query
  • Look for the non-branded keywords that are bringing traffic
  • Look for surprise words that are sticking, i.e. hot topics, laymen’s terms – use this as inspiration to add new content

What do Search Engines Look for? Reviewing the SEO Hierarchy of Needs

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Bruce Clay's SEO hierarchy of needsI review Bruce Clay’s SEO Hierarchy of needs (graphic at right) and explain each of the steps on the pyramid.

The basic elements Search Engines are looking for:

  1. Search Engines like readable text & fresh, relevant content
  2. The best way to rank for a keyword is to have content about that specific keyword
  3. If a visitor can easily navigate your site, so can a search engine – provide calls to action to tell visitors (and search engines) where to go
  4. Link Building is important, but not a silver bullet. Start with very relevant links such as organizations, partners, clients, etc.

Huge thanks to the great team at PRSA Tampa Bay for posting these videos!

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